Starting a business means having a business idea to be translated into a business plan, defining the business’ purpose and its economic resources. The support services provided by the Chambers System in the start-up stage include the : Olimpo Service for Newly-Established Business (Servizio nuove imprese-Olimpo), aiming at informing, guiding, training and supporting those who decide to set up their own businesses.
After deciding the statutory structure (type of business organisation) to be adopted, a series of requirements have to be met with a view to starting operations.
The first contact with the territorially competent Chamber of Commerce is established when the company is registered in the Business Register. Registration entails legal publicity and defines the existence of a business, its activity, as well as the juridically relevant events taking place during the company’s life. On registration, the Chamber of Commerce relevant office, in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance, assigns a registration number to each business corresponding to the Company Tax Code.
Moreover, business operation also requires certificates, authorisations or licenses, as well as a Business Start-Up statement.
Besides being reference points for the fulfilment of regulatory obligations, the Chambers of Commerce also provide real business support services in the training and internationalisation fields. Moreover, they process and provide useful data for businesses.